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HDR Trail Run and Summer Pool Party!

Fun Day!

I met some of the HDR peeps at 7 this morning for the monthly trail run. The route was one of my favorites: Pacific Crest Trail heading west from Bouquet Canyon. The run was 4 miles up to  the ridge, and two miles down the other side, then back again.  A 12 mile trail run was not exactly on the plan for today, but I figured that it was an acceptable substitution for the run + elliptigo ride that was scheduled. As for the run, I was pleased. I did not push the pace or shoot for any strava segments. Still I had a number 2 time on the run back up the far side of the ridge.

Shortly after the run I headed over to Oscar’s house for an HDR summer party. It was a little bit on the small side. With one exception it turned out to be the High Desert Runners Board Members party. We had a great BBQ and a fun series of volleyball games in the pool. When we gave up on the pool volleyball we started another game on the lawn…  like I said… fun day…

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  1. I figured the party would be skimpy on people attending. No formal RSVP no starting time, no directions, no address. Not real clear on what to bring and what was provided. So now I don’t feel too bad about not showing up. But I know I missed out on a fun time. Darn

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