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GO n Clayve

I am sore…. yesterday as I was playing volleyball in the pool for all that time, I was fighting leg cramps in my calves and the arches of my feet. I had MANY cramps….. So, it is no big surprise that my calves today are sore. I almost scrubbed this mornings workout to push it to tomorrow, but I stuck with the plan. The plan was just an hour on the Elliptigo, so I headed out around 7 this morning. I rode to Highland and headed up P-12 to the aqueduct. This, of course, meant that I had to attempt riding the Elliptigo up that crazy steep access road. It is only about 120 meters, but it is VERY STEEP. I made it!  I headed out on the aqueduct until I was at 31 minutes, figuring the ride home would be quicker. It was much quicker. I finished in 54 minutes…

Sunday night was another fun night at the Clayve. This time Kendall, Clay, Christian Powers, Jim Haskett, Rachel and I worked on a pyramid workout.  Let’s see….  100 jump ropes, then the pyramid: 3 pull ups, 5 ball tosses against wall, 7 bench presses, 9 step ups on 24 inch box per leg, 7 hanging ab crunches, 5 strict presses (just the bar), and 3 man makers … sort of like a burpee with weights..  Then 250 meters on the rowing machine then back through the pyramid the other direction, then repeat the whole thing over and back again… Seeing as how I was already sore, it was a really tough workout. A couple times on the man makers… I just wanted to lay there….


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