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This is what I do for fun!

Yesterday’s workouts began with the first afternoon run of the summer. The weather was actually not too bad – low 90s. We ran just a few miles and did some short hill sprints. 

Later at Joe Walker, we did the same workout as last week. After a warmup, we ran 12 reps of 1 minute, with only a 1 minute jog to recover. The pace on the fast portion was pretty consistent at around 250 meters = 6:26 pace = my 5k pr pace. We concluded with a 1 mile cool down.

Just a few minutes later, it was time for the Clayve. Kendall, Rachel, Jim and joined Clay there. Once again, they had a creative assortment of fun stuff to do. Some of the workout is shown on the video below.  the first part of the workout, the warm up, was to do jumping jacks through the entire song, Roxanne.Every time they sang the name “Roxanne”, we had to do a squat and then go back to the jumping jacks… fun…

Today, I GO’d to school and ran a bit withthe Hillview runners. Then I GO’d home….

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