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AV Fair Wave Race

Today was the 5th running of the AV Fair Wave Race.The race for the medals and the gift certificates and the goodie bags was quite exciting to watch.  The contenders in discussion ahead of time were Kathy Diorio, of course, who would be going for a 3 peat. Steve Brumwell has 3 second place finishes and was the race #2 winner. Coach Lister… me… Clay, and a few others figured the Natalie Gutierrez had a shot. She is 12 and has raced under 21 minutes which would put her right in the mix. I had not said it out loud, but it occured to me that last year, when 76 year old Dolres Cortez ran off course she was still well ahead of Kathy.

At 7:30 sharp, the race began with Dolores heading off on her own. A few waves later Kathy was out after her. 9 minutes later Natalie took off and Steve two minutes behind her. I noted that Dolores had made it back and was turning onto Sierra Hwy before the last waves had even begun. I remember thinking that she was around 10 minutes per mile…. Kathy was next having made up quite a bit of ground. When Natalie went by, there was a little boy tagging right along with her. A quick check of the schedule showed me that he had started with her and was still there. hmmmm….

Steve looked a little too close already. When the started back onto the blvd for the second loop, it looked to me like Kathy would catch Dolores. Natalie was still chasing right behind the boy still quite a way behind. Steve came around the corner quite focused… 

Then the young men came flying around the corner.  Herschel was flying. I asked him if he was having fun passing everyone and he said that it was. Leo Oliva, Leo Walls and others went by.  Justin Patananan came by soon thereafter. Certainly the fastest runner in the race but with a lot of ground to make up. 

Last year’s winner, Kathy finished 29 minutes and 20 seconds after the first wave. I headed over to the finish to see who would arrive first. It was Kathy. She arrived with a significant lead. The clock was 29:09 – faster than last year. Next I spotted Dolores, but not far behind her were the boy, Natalie, and Steve not far behind them. Dolores seemed to not realize how close the kids were. She was lifting her hands in the air, smiling, while the little boy was really kicking it. Someone told her to hurry and she sped up just in the nick of time to save her second position. The boy, a 9 year old from the air force base named Zack was 2 seconds behind her and Natalie 2 seconds behind him. Steve another 6. 

So, the top 5 were Kathy, Delores, Zack, Natalie and Steve all within about a minute. Carmen Albanes was next. Then the youth hit. Herschel Smith ran 16:37, Leo Oliva 17:40 and Cole Walls 17:46 – wow… They were 7, 8, 9,  Justin Patananan ran just a few seconds faster than Herschel at 16:35. He finished 12th. Clay was 13th. Lots of HDR runners came pouring in to finish in the top 50.

Eric Ruble, missed his start taking off about a minute and a half late. He still managed to get a medal at 40th place. 

The race went pretty well. The only glitch was when the timing guy posted results that were incomplete. I guess the system did not pick up some of the chips. The paper posted had people listed in the top 50 who were NOT in the top 50. Then they were wondering what happened to their medals. Others thought they had been given the wrong medal. In this case, we are very confident the medals went correctly to the top 50, so the timing guy had to work to make it fit. The current printed result is almost correct. One person is still missing. 

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