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Back in Training…

I took a couple of days off to be a race director and jumped back in yesterday. My training plan said to do a 12 mile run and to do it on a rolling course. I figured that Rancho Vista Blvd in the Hillview area would be the epitome of “rolling” so I headed over to the Vons shopping center and started running. I did a clockwise loop of Rancho Vista Blvd, N8, Bolz Ranch Rd, Town Center and 30th St West. The loop was just a tad shy of 6 miles. At 3 miles I turned around and ran the same loop the other direction.

Later in the evening it was time for another Clayve workout. This time we had teams of 3. It was Clay, Zac and I (the guys) against Kendall, Kendall’s friend and Annie (the girls.) Kendall had set up yet another creative way to get the 6 of us doing all sorts of exercise and have fun while doing it.

Today, I GO’d to and from school. The Elliptirun in the morning was a bit of a challenge as I left a tad later than I’d have liked and the traffic was a bit of challenge. Riding home it was 100 degrees. Still it did not feel like it was overwhelmingly hot. It was doable. In fact I was able to set a couple of Elliptigo PRs..

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