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Running with the Hawks …. plus two other workouts

Today was the first official practice of Hillview’s Cross Country season. I do not have an official count but there was probably about 120 out there. It is early to see how good all the new runners are, but overall I was pleased by what seemed like very few stragglers at the back of the pack. I ran along with them on a 10 minute warm up. We did some drills and I had the team do 4 30 second intervals. First day of practice and I threw a little bit of everything at them.

Later at the HDR track work out we ran the workout prescribed by my training plan. The workout was 12 x 45 seconds or, actually 12 x 200meters.Each of my 200s were between 45 and 49 seconds.

Lastly, of course was the Clayve. Clay was in charge and it was a killer. 2 sets of the following: 15 pull ups, 25 hanging ab crunches, 25 hanging ring pull ups, 50 step ups, 2 minutes one legged plank, 25 bench presses, 10 kettle bell lifts….

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