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Christmas in August

First, this morning I got up early and did a run in my neighborhood. The prescribed run was to include 6 – 8 repeats up a 6 to 8%.I looked at some of the runs on the hills around Hillview and found them to be 3 or 4 percent. So I decided to tackle one of the more challenging streets in my neighborhood. Turns out, when I look at it on Strava the segment was 10-11% It was quite challenging running up it for 75 seconds. I stopped at 6 reps. Next week I am going to tackle it again and go for 8. 

After school, I did not run with the team. We did what I call a :divide and conquer” workout. We split the team into 3 groups and each of the groups goes with a different coach for a different activity. One coach had them run 12 minutes on the field. One did partner tortures with short hill repeats outside my classroom. I had them doing a variety of plyometric exercises: skips, jumps, butt kickers, etc. Overall, an easier day for them and for me.

This evening I headed over to the Clayve. Jim, Audrey and I arrived at about the same time and wandered into the garage to find this:20140821_194908It looked rather scary. Kendall came out and confirmed our fears. We were actually doing it like the song. 1 push up, 2 ring rows, 1 push up, 3 pull ups, 2 ring rows, 1 push up, 4, 3, 2, 1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 etc until the last thing was the entire list from the bottom back up to the top. We staggered the start and sometimes we got bunched up at the pull up bar… early on. But it was a fun challenge!

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