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Oops, been a few days…

I see my last post was in regards to the fun Clayve workout Thursday night. So, let’s see…

Friday I took the Majestic Grasshopper, better known as the Elliptigo to school and rode it along with the team for their workout. I rode it for two workouts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Following the afternoon workout I responded to the Ice Bucket Challenge from Kendall…

So, Oscar have you done the challenge yet?

Saturday I went to 60th west and met the Quartz Hill High Cross Country team, along with Oscar and the Rubles for a run. I had heard that they would go about 8 miles. I was scheduled for 12 so I got there 35 minutes early and ran a 4 mile out and back on the aqueduct. The team headed up over the bunny hill and I followed along with them. Oscar and the Rubles ran a shorter run, 5 miles I think planning their long run on Sunday. The path I happened to go, following the lead boys pack turned out to be closer to 9.5 round trip so I ended up running a bit more than a Half Marathon all together. I felt pretty good, though I was tired be the time I finished.

Sunday, was my day of rest.

Today, I met the Hillview team at 6 for XC practice. Those who who were supposed to show up in the morning were mostly those who did not pass the 4 mile trial they attempted on Friday (while I was Elliptigoing.)  So I chose a route that would be less than 2.5 to give them something to really focus on. Then we did some ab work. After school those who DID qualify ran with me to Jamba Juice!  Yeah!  I love running to Jamba Juice! I love having a Jamba Juice after a run – Strawberry Surf Rider.  Although, having a Jamba after a run does inevitably lead to one of the saddest sounds I know…. the sound of that last bit of juice slurping up the straw followed by a disconcerting rush of air….No more Jamba….

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