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Feeling better after the workout….

At Hillview, I had the kids do some short intervals. I coached. The team is looking really good. There are more than 100 runners. There are a few pleasant surprises. There are not too many who seem to be lacking in effort

I went home to relax for an hour or so before I began my own workout. Relaxed was not how I felt, however. I felt tired. When I come home from work and I have not had any afternoon exercise I get REALLY tired. It makes the workout following really hard to get started. Still I trudged over to Joe Walker…. early…  The training plan called for something a little different: 50 minutes with a fast finish plus 4 x 1 minute. This was not exactly something to have the HDR people do so I had to get creative. At 5:20 I headed from Joe Walker west on L8. At 5:40 I reversed direction. At 6, 40 minutes into my run I took off for 5 fast laps around the track. My pace for 4 laps was 7:20 – 9:00 flat for all 5 laps which would be 2000 meters. By this time the cub runners were warmed up. We did some leg swings and such. Then we did 4 x 1 minute. 

The club continued with 4 x 2 minutes and 2 x 3 minutes. I ran the first couple of the twos nice and easy for a cool down.

Of course, being Tuesday, I headed over to the Clayve. Kendall, Becca, Jim and I had a nice workout. There were about 6 exercises that we had to do as many reps as possible in 2 minutes. I “won” the pull-ups and another. I cannot recall the name of the other. You get in a plank, or push up position and lift 10 pound weights up to your shoulder alternating hands. I am pretty stable at holding a plank and 10 pounds is pretty light so I was able to do well at this one… 

As I left Clay’s I felt exhausted, but WAY better than I felt earlier when I trudged out to the car to leave my house and get the workout(s) started……

btw, I have not reported weight so much lately, but I have been consistently under 170 the last week or so. 168 this morning. 

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