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Getting faster

I have not posted in a few days, so….. Wednesday is an either/or day for Hillview Cross Country. The runners have the option of coming in the morning before school or in the afternoon after school The runners and I did our 2 x 4 time trial run. We have settled on a version very similar to last year. The only difference is that we have a detour through the houses behind where the new Walmart grocery store is being built at Rancho Vista and Towncenter. I ran the four mile loop during both workouts. It was quite warm – 94 degrees for the afternoon one.

Thursday, the team had only one practice, in the afternoon. It was getting into the upper 90s, so it was quite warm. We did the “divide and conquer” workout. Well, the runners did the workout. Us coaches coached it.

Yesterday, Friday, the team met at 6 am for a workout. This was our only workout of the day. I cancelled the afternoon workout due to the 100 degree weather. For the morning we did our first “secret weapon” workout of the season. This is a run where we jog down 45th to N for a warm up. We then do 4 repeats of 3 minutes 30 seconds each. Each repeat is intended to be a half mile hill. We run up (south) on 45th to N8. Up N8 from 45th to 50th. Up N8 further from 50th to 55th. And finally, up 55th into the houses to the top of the hill. I was REALLY pleased with my workout. The fourth hill ended up being my second best ever time – only off my PR from 9/30 last year by 1 second. (The other strava segments are not showing impressive times – I am out of practice with knowing where to start and finish. Some of the recovery time is showing up within time of the interval) All three of the others were among my best. I did make it all the way to N8 in 3:30. I made it all the way to 50th as well. I was 20 feet shy of 55th on the third…. These results are actually better than my results from early September last year. 

Today, I went to Marie Kerr park to run with the Quartz Hill team. Instead, I did a shorter run with Erik, Krysti and Dora. They are all planning on running longer at 5 am tomorrow. They talked me into joining them.

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