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Going Goode and GO to Goode

Yesterday I met Erik, Krysti, Oscar, Dora and Joe at 5 am at the Ruble’s for a long run. We started out heading west on M8. We turned left on 60th west and ran up Goode pass in the dark. I took my time with this and fell behind the group. As the hill climbing went on I found myself catching the ladies near the top. Going down the other side, and left on Elizabeth Lake Road, Joe Kim and I started to pull a little ahead. Erik caught us once (probably just to prove he could 😉  ) We turned left again onto 25th and headed north into Palmdale. Joe and I opted to go up Rancho Vista to Marie Kerr Park so that I could get some water. The others, I imagine, stayed on the prescribed course of 25th all the way to M12 or M8.  Joe and I took 30th to N to 42nd.

Joe pulled ahead during the last mile or two of the 16 + that we ran. I was definitely starting to fade. Of course, that is to be expected. Whenever you run longer that the longest you have done recently, those miles extended out will be difficult.

Then, last night, Annie and I headed over to the Clayve for a random workout.  Random – there were folded up post it notes in a tub and a deck of cards on a table. We drew an exercise from the tub and 3 cards. The total value of the 3 cards gave us the reps for our exercise. Sometimes it got a little crazy – 31 pull ups anyone?

This morning I took it a little easier. I rode the Elliptigo from my place over to P12, up to the aqueduct and west to Goode. It was nice. There was a little breeze but no so much that it made riding difficult. Last time I did this route I ended up returning MUCH quicker that it took going out;;;;;;same thing today.  I did set a couple of PRs on the ride. It was my fastest Elliptigo ride up 15th west by Ocotillo. It was only 3s slower than my fastest road bike on the same segment

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