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Going Not So Good?

It has been almost a week since I have posted. I have not posted for two reasons. I have been pretty busy and I have NOT been running.

Tuesday I ran a 10 x 1 minute workout with the Hillview kids. It went well, but by the time I was finished my right glute, hamstring, piriformis…. everything from my but to my knee was aching. It was more of a nerve pain that a muscle ache.  I headed over to the HDR track workout and I could not run to warm up.  After the workout I headed over to the Clayve. Clay said the workout would be all ab focused so I gave it a try. I got through it okay.

There was one particularly fun part…The plank rodeo. We did planks with our elbows on one furniture dolly and our toes on another one. This was on his sloped driveway. Another person took a rope, tied to the first dolly and swung us all over the driveway trying to get us to lose our plank… It was actually quite fun!

The rest of the week my right side remained rather irritated. I have given it a rest.  As of today, I estimate it to be about 80%  better. I skipped the Clayve, though as my sinuses have given my quite a bit of problems the last few days. I am hoping it is allergies and not a cold. Tomorrow, the team will be doing our Mt. Rite Aid Run. This run is partly on trails. My assistant coaches and their bicycles have some difficulty with this one. I will need to give it a try. It is only about a 5.5 mile round trip. I am expecting it to go okay.

I am a bit mad at myself. I have taken liberties with my training plan. I exceeded the length of my long run jumping suddenly to 16. I did a couple of two in one days. I have opted OUT of Elliptigo rides and replaced them with actual runs on several occasions.  I believe it was simply too much build up too quickly. 

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