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Now it is my foot

I am getting  back into the swing of things this week…. or I was…. Monday I rode the Elliptigo to and from school for a nice alternative to running workout. It went well. I did not run with the Hillview team on the field – that was the last straw to what set me off last week. I also did not run with the High Desert Runners group. Actually, the plan I had from McMillan did not call for a speed workout this Tuesday. It only called for an easy run and I replaced that with the Elliptigo. I headed over to the Clayve and being on the mend, Clay had me do a reduced workout. 

Unfortunately, while hanging on a rope, or I should say while dropping down off of a rope, I rolled my ankle on the end of the rope. I was able to walk it off and get some more work in but it is sore and tender today. The affected area is not the ankle but the right foot itself – sort of along the top outer mid foot area. I can walk without a limp. I did not try to run or GO on it today. 

Tomorrow we have our first XC meet of the season. I will not run tomorrow either.  Maybe Friday….

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