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Trying to begin again

Well, a week off does not really constitute beginning again, but, you know…..

So during my time off, the foot felt great most of the time. On occasion, however, it would get achy. The things that would set it off are driving the car and sitting in my recliner – go figure. Monday I decided to give it a try. I met the Hillview kids and we did our Secret Weapon Workout. I just wrote about this one a couple of weeks ago. We ran it on August 29. I felt pretty good about that one as I had been close to a couple of my previous years personal records – the strava segments.

I started this workout not expecting much. I eased into the first workout. Dora ran off ahead of me. About half way Jeff Smith passed me. I made sure to keep the turnover really quick and I hung on to Jeff. With about a minute and a half to go either I found some more steam or Jeff faded. I passed Jeff and then I caught Dora right at our 3:30 time limit ended. I had made it all the way to N8 so I figured I must be close to a PR.  The strava segment, once again did not read write. I looked closely and saw that the start of the segment was to close to our official start line. I adjusted the segment. It turns our it was a 3:10 PR!

On the second segment I got off to a quick start and hung right with Dora for a bit. Then she faded back and I worked on hanging with my faster students. I made it all the way around the corner onto 50th by about 10 meters! Once again, I had to adjust (or create a new segment) because the start of the segment was in our line up area for the interval. Once adjusted I found that I missed my PR by 1 second compared to a run last September.

After crossing Rancho Vista Blvd we ran the segment in front of Greg Anderson Elementary. Once again, I was pretty close to my PR 3:32 compared to 3:25.  This was fast enough for #2 on my PR list. On the 4th segment I really began to feel the effect of two weeks mostly off.  I was about 12s off of my best. Still it was #5 on the list.

Afterward, in the evening my foot got achy again…. but that is what it has been doing all week. It seemed no worse for the wear.

Today I went ahead and did the High Desert Runners Track workout. We did our Sweet 16 workout. The foot felt fine through the workout, but by the end my right glute/piriformis was getting a little achy.  I guess I am not fully recovered from the stress of two weeks ago either.

Still, I did the Clayve workout with Clay and Christian… I plan to use my pool and my elliptigo to replace as much running as possible, but still follow the spirit of my training plan to see if I can recover and continue to build…. Stay tuned….

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