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GO Long

First – the second half of the week in review….

Wednesday was a day of recovery. My foot is still getting pretty achy.

Thursday was the second Cross Country Meet of the season. Hillview is once again dominant. We have had 2 meets and both our boys and girls have won big. Next week we will race by grade level. So that will be interesting. I am excited about the 7th grade teams!

Friday was Jamba Run day for the team.  I rode the Elliptigo to school in the morning. Then I rode it to Jamba Juice and home again. The run to Jamba is 4.3. I did 7.5 going back and forth checking on the runners. The GO makes a great tool for supervising my team. I can “sprint” a half mile and catch the leaders and zip back.

Today, Cheryl and I got the tamdem bike out and we went for a ride. We rode around West Palmdale. We stopped a few times at yard sales. We rode 13.6 miles. Riding the tandem is pretty relaxing. We got back home and I felt nice and warmed up. So I got on the GO and headed west. It was time to get serious. I took the GO to Highland, up P12 to the aqueduct. I figured I would go all the way to 110th and back. I made REALLY good time getting there. I set several strave PRs along the way. When I turned around I found out why. It was not strong, but I had a bit of a tailwind going out. So, heading back it was a headwind all the way. I downshifted once or two gears depending on which way I was facing and kept pushing. After crossing 60th, a couple of miles from Highland, I felt like I hit the wall. My quads were burning. I felt wobbly. I got to coast a bit coming off the aqueduct. I had nothing left for even the slightest speed bumps. I made the walk of shame up the hill to my house.

Of course, one factor was the lack of energy intake…. all morning….  I typically do not take in much before a morning workout… and I kind of took off on the 2nd workout with just a water bottle.  I was famished. Still, I did 27.6 miles at 13.3 mph average…. even after the slow finish.

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