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Yet another secret weapon workout

It is Monday, so I took the team once again for the secret weapon workout. I am really pleased, by the way, with the way the team is looking. The 7th grade boys are starting to look strong and the 7th grade girls are looking even stronger. At last Thursday’s race, if the 7th grade girls raced against the 8th grade head to head, the 7th would have won 27 to 28. Natalie, of course was our leader, winning the race outright. 2nd place overall and 3rd place overall were two of my 7th graders: Halia and Kaitlyn. These girls are both exciting new additions to the team. The next Hillview girl was 8th grader Andrea Solis. This makes a tie out of the first two on each team. Next was 7th grade returning Caylin Livinston followed by 8th grader Enid Arana. Then it was 7th grader Marianna Vargas followed by Alyssa Moffat. Finally, 8th grader Brooklyn Smith got in ahead of 7th grader Aspen Frey.  So, it was exciting: 8,7,7,8,7,8,7,8,8,7.  Oh, this order leaves out my top 6th grade girl who was our 7th girl finisher between Enid and Marianna.

As for today’s workout. It started really strong. My Strava time on the first segment was declared 2nd place on Strava. The time, however was a tie with my previous best. The next segment was #3 all time, 3 seconds off my PR and 2 seconds off last week. I was already starting to feel a little wobbly in the legs – I believe from the GO LONG ride on Saturday. My 3rd segment was #4 on the list. I have just adjusted my #4 segment as Strava started the clock before I did…

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