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Feeling old and frustrated

Last post – Wednesday.  Thursday was another XC meet for the Hillview kids…. results here The team is awesome.  We raced by grade levels and won 8th boys, girls, 7th boys, girls and 6th girls. The 8th graders dominated as expected. The 7th graders dominated even more. The boys went 1 – 7!

Friday we did the Mt Rite Aid run. The right side sciatica was barely perceivable. I was feeling confident. I even considered doing a 5k Saturday.

Instead, I decided to go run trails with Clay and Karl. We did the Bouquet Canyon Pacific Crest Trail up to the ridge run. 8 miles round trip. Going up I treated it like a race and ran as hard as I could. I felt a little roughness with the right glute and such. My time was a couple minutes slower than my PR. Coming down the sciatica started to flare up and I backed off. Clay noticed and gave me some advice on posture to help relieve it. It helped somewhat, but it was already inflamed. It annoyed me the rest of the day. Oh, and my right knee had a sore spot in the evening as well.

So, Sunday I did not run.The right knee sore spot seemed gone but I had the right side tightness. I led worship at church. I went to the High Desert Runners Board meeting and then over to the Clayve. There, I warmed up on the air cycle and threw around a medicine ball. I started to do a simple squat and felt quite a stab in the left hamstring.  The left one… the one that never gives me a problem. It felt better after a bit and I was able to do some exercises but when I continued to feel it on somethings it seemed prudent to quit early.

Today, I woke up early and headed to Hillview. I debated whether or not to run, or to take the GO. The left hamstring felt normal, like nothing had happened. The right knee felt fine as well. So I took my running shoes and gave it a try. One of the coaches had his car along just in case. The right hamstring sciatica did not feel 100 percent so I ran just hard enough to get my heart rate up and force my breathing into the typical 2:1 racing breath pattern. So, no PRs today. We did the Secret Weapon Workout – 4 half mile uphill repeats. Running back down I had to take it really easy as the right side was aggravated.

Tomorrow I will try the GO and see if it aggravates things further or if it allows me to work out painlessly.

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  1. YOU ARE OLD!!!
    Remember to do the arches and sags followed by the pressups 3x every AM and some in the PM. Do foam roller stretching 10-15 min daily, the whole stretching routine. No downhill running, no jumping. I will have a specific program for you when and if you show up at the Clayve. Be patient and you will be back soon.

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