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A little here, a little there….

Last post was Friday… When XC season is over perhaps I will have a little more time to keep up with this… Saturday I got on the Elliptigo and rode it to my daughters house near K8 and 10th east. 10 miles slightly downhill, into a bit of a headwind. 14.5 mph average…. I was pleased. Sunday I did the Clayve workout with Clay. Clay asked me to bring the GO along so he could experience what kind of a workout I was getting from it.  After the workout he got on his bike and we did some loops in his neighborhood. We onldy did about 10K. I averaged 14.2 mph….. a pretty easy pace for him on his road bike.

Monday was yet another early morning workout with the Hillview team. We did one last “Secret Weapon Workout” My sciatica was feeling a bit better after the weekend off from running.  I gave it a pretty good effort pushing a little harder and harder as the workout progressed. I PRd on the final segment – second overall!

This brings me to a killer Tuesday. A triple Tuesday as in days of yore. I ran the HDR workout: 3 x (400,300, 200, 100, 100).  We did each segment and followed it  up with a 100m jog/walk recovery. The “rule” was that once you finished the first 100m, you had to jog back and do it again till everyone was finished, hence, the extra 100s.  Of course, immediately after I headed over to the Clayve. The workout was fun. It was a killer.


Each of the items on the list included something somewhat easy, followed by something impossible. The timer was set for 4 minutes. We did the first exercise and then did as many reps as possible for the remainder of the time. Thus we had 2 to 3 minutes to try to do continuous ab curls, push ups, pull ups, etc.  Actually, though, as long as it is something I can do, I have the stamina and the competitive drive to just keep doing it. We counted reps. I won one exercise and place on a couple others. I was 3rd place overall.

img_0969The Clayve may have been done, but Clay, Christian and I were not. I brought my road bike and the three of us did the same loops from Sunday night’s GO ride/run. It was fun. I felt that perhaps the Elliptigo running had given me some strength for fighting headwinds.

Oh, this morning I got up and ran an easy 4 with the team…..

Now I am sore.  Only a little bit from the sciatica But quite a bit just plain sore. Bending down to pick up something from the floor right now is quite difficult.

Tomorrow I will rest….. My team will have a practice race…. I will rest.

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