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Mt SAC!!

Hillview had another awesome day at the MT SAC Invitational!

First race: 8th grade boys! Abraham Sosa Torres led the way with a 4th place finish – Derek Rodriguez finished 8th. We had 5 in the top 20 which was good enough for a second place. We scored 45. Palos Verdes scored 38.

Second race: 8th grade girls. Natalie Gutierrez was our star in this one. She finished 4th place. Andrea Solis won a medal at 9th. Once again, however, Palos Verdes bested us. PV 36, Hillview 68.  Actually we should have had about 10 less points but one of our girls finished without her chip and was not considered in the results. She was our number 4 girl too…

Third race: 7th grade boys. I hear the first couple of boys missed the first turn but they came back strong. The leader Jaden actually also missed the final turn! I don’t know weather the monitors were missing or whether he was just spaced out. The final miss cost him first place! Fortunately for Hillview, another of our boys – Andrew was the only one to pass him. Andrew and Jaden finished 1st and 2nd. Mark finished 4th! Brady 7th and the next two were 15 and 20. We dominated the race winning with 26 points! Palos Verdes 106!

Fourth race: 7th grade girls. Halia led this race for us and had a solid 3rd place finish ahead of all the PV runners. Audra though was the only other medal winner at 11th. The next three were in the top 25. Once again we took 2nd to PV 56 to 67.

Our 6th grade, as stated in a previous post, is a much smaller group due to limited 6th grade Hillview enrollment. We only took one boy – who finished 23rd. Our top girl LiNya finished 4th but the rest of the team was back in the 50s and 60s so they did not place well….

Still we coaches are proud of an awesome showing! Go Hillview!

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  1. Congratulations to all the Hillview XC Runners! Once again Dale and his supporting staff had another outstanding showing at Mt. Sac. Every year it seems like each grade title is between Hillview and Palos Verdes. Great job Hillview!

    Did Adam Deshields run in the 8th grade race?

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