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on the GO again

I ran a bit at MT SAC.  I wore my garmin and found that I ran a bit more than 3 miles. Some of it was pretty fast as i got quite excited during a couple of those races… I took the weekend off. I have fallen off the 10K training plan due to my sciatica and I am having a hard time with motivation. I need to find some intermediate goals to get my back to the plan….

The sciatica continues to be a nagging issue. But it seems to be getting better. In other news my right heel – plantar fasciitis seems to have returned. It got a little sore mid week. Each night I am rubbing it out and have put my foot brace back on. I am symptom free in the mornings, which is a good sign. But Friday at Mt SAC I was feeling it by the end of the day with all the time running, and standing.

Today I rode the Elliptigo to Hillview. I did not push it very hard, yet I had my 3rd best time getting there. GOing home I rode by Greg Anderson Elementary, then down 55th and up Goode to the Aqueduct. There was a pretty good wind coming from the southwest so I had to fight it up N8, N and 60th. Riding the aqueduct was sometime flying fun and occasional struggle. The ride was 10 miles. I averaged almost 13 mph.

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