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Overdue Post…

I tried to write a post this weekend. I had it all done and then it disappeared… I was so exasperated I did not bother to rewrite it. I believe it had PRs in the title…. So, now I have lots of catching up to do. And come to think of it, I have some new Strava PRs to report!

Tuesday a week ago (the 21st) – I ran the sweet 16 workout with the Hillview team. It went pretty well. I feel some tightness in the hip but it tends to go away during a workout. I seem to recall going to the Clayve in the evening…

Wednesday I ran with the Hillview kids up to the aqueduct. It was our first run of the post season on our Boulders Bluff Loop. Derek was challenged by Lauro to be the first one to the top of Leo’s Lookout. The race was on because whenever we do this loop, the first one to the top of the little hill above the mobile home park gets to name the hill…. Now it is Derek’s dirt pile…

Thursday I took the day off and drove to my eye surgeon in Beverly hills…. the one they did the pRK on is not quite to 20/20… While it has been improving, the other has been getting much worse…. cataracts…. already…  In the evening I rode my bike to church. It was a quick, easy, fun ride.

Friday, the Hillview team and I did our Tunnels loop – 5 miles.

Saturday I met Clay for a track workout. Well, he ran some 400 repeats and I went for a jog. I had one of my dizzy spells a couple miles in (been a while since I have had one of those) and I cut it short… knowing what would come next. NEXT, we rode a 30 mile loop up Leona Valley to Munz ranch road. It was fun. We maintained a pretty good pace. 15.7 mph average. I set 5 riding PRs! Fun!

Sunday it was another Clayve workout! We did 10 different exercises, as many reps as possible. That would be fine, except we recorded our reps. With the reps recorded, it became a contest. My competitive side took over…. Now I am sore…. Clay still won just about everything. I managed to win one of them. My daughter Annie’s friend, Bryan got one as well…

Today, I went all out. The Hillview kids and I did the sweet 16 workout again. Except this time we did it on the hillside outside my classroom. It was a fun challenge. With my soreness, I was the slowest sprinter out there, but well, I am usually the slowest in a sprint compared to my kids… At the HDR workout we did the Totally Odd workout. It was 7 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, and 1 minute. I challenged us to start at half marathon pace and get faster with each rep. By my own standard, I ran too fast. The first was run at 6:58 pace, the 2nd was run at 6:48 pace, the 3rd was at 6:23 pace. The 4th at 6:00 pace… yeah!  Finally, I headed over to the Clayve. We did a circuit with 7 or 8 exercises. 10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps, 7 reps…. etc. Of course it was timed so… well I pushed it kind of hard.

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