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2nd and hopefully last Cortisone shot

The heel pain was so bad after yesterday’s run that I went to see my podiatrist. He gave me a cortisone shot. He does not think that there is a problem with having a few of these per year. Some online research, however makes me think that these should not be habit forming. So, my goal over the next few months is to do whatever is necessary to make sure that the symptoms do not return in another 4 months…

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  1. The problem with cortisone shots are that they make you feel better , but don’t heal the problem and you can be tempted to run and tear up the area because you don’t feel the pain that is telling you to stop. I had to make those same tough decisions back in my college days. I stayed away!

  2. I had a lot of trouble with plantar fasciitis in 1998. The thing that finally worked for me was custom-fitted orthotics. I hated running with this hard plastic piece in my shoe, but it helped distribute the pressure more evenly to my foot. I ran with the orthotics in my right shoe (until it broke) for over a year. When it broke, I did not have it replaced, and fortunately the plantar fasciitis never return. Good luck!

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