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Easing back into it?

I have this real expensive toy that I bought back in April for the purpose of cross training. I figure I ought to get it out and use it…. Saturday I got on the Elliptigo and did a 5 mile ride. I had no ill effects. Yea! Today, I got it out again and rode it to my mother’s house in Lancaster for a visit.  11.5 miles, mostly into a headwind (admittedly, not much of a headwind…) The Elliptigo demands much from my quads and I am noticing the lack of training.

This evening I headed over to the HDR workout. The soccer players were not there so it was dark. The only participants were Joe and Kathy Diorio, Jesse Williams and myself. Given that most are planning to run the Turkey Trot Thursday, we made it a tune up workout. We ran 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minutes. I gave it a try. In order to resist the temptation of running too fast I promised myself not to be first. I trailed behind Kathy. We did the 4 at about a 7:30 pace. The rest was a little quicker – about 7 min/mile. It felt good!

Of course, I headed straight to the Clayve next. Kendall and Clay had a special Thanksgiving workout set up.

IMG_8619Jim Haskett, Kendall and I were a team working together. I admit I, had to be helped once or twice. The workouts are extra fun, though when you can make a team thing out of it! After all this, we had a 1 minute ski erg trial. Christian had his eye on my spot on the top of the chart:


For a week or so, I have remained at the top of the leaderboard….

Christian went first with a 312m, Jim went second with exactly 300m, Clay went 3rd and split the difference at 306. I was not able to defend my spot, but I did set another PR with a 293m effort! This was literally all out. Half way through my arms were so dead I resorted to jumping to use my body weight to do the work… I was in definite oxygen debt. By the time I was finished I was dizzy…. FUN!

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