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This is the very worst ever…..

COLD, that is… well maybe not the worst ever. But Wednesday a week ago, I suddenly felt ill. Since then I have had tons of nasal and chest congestion. Fortunately, no fever and no stomach issues… It did a number on our church Christmas program Sunday night. I got out of bed and made it to church but I could not sing and neither could one of the other four praise team singers…. We had to cancel the final two songs of the program…

I believe that I am improving as to my foot. The sprain made it uncomfortable to drive or sit in my recliner. That seems to be gone. My heel had gotten to where it ached just from standing/sitting/hanging around all day. I have not noticed any heel ache since the cold started. Maybe the cold has just taken my mind off of it…. or fairly consistent pain killer use… or maybe it is better!

I was doing a hamstring stretch in the doorway the other day and it suddenly occurred to me that I felt the stretch primarily in the hamstring! Typically I would feel the fascia of my lower leg and foot limiting my stretch…

There has been a lump in the heel of my plantar affected heel. When I roll it around on a ball or whatever I can feel it moving around. It seems to have broken up into several smaller lumps…

Next week I will get the elliptigo out and start working out. On the first I will resume running. I may even go to the January 1 Hangover run, but I would have to keep it very short….

Good Luck to everyone at the Jingle Bell Jog. I will see you there!

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