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12 Days of Christmas – High Desert Runners Style

Tonight we had a special version of the High Desert Runners weekly track workout. I mixed cross fit with running in a special 12 days of Christmas version….

20141223_195300 (1)At first the list might not look so bad,  but it is was done in the style of the song. First you did the one skip. 2nd you did the 2 fifty yard dashes, and the 1 skip. 3rd you did the 3 step up and the 2 fifty yard dashes and the skips. 4th you did the 4 push ups and the 3 step ups and the 2 fiftys and the skips…… you get the idea.

The workout was a mixed HDR / Hillview workout as we are off track….

My Hillview boys led the way with Derek and Abraham finishing first in just over 43 minutes. The first official member of the HDR club to finish, is also one of my students, 7th grader Caylin Livingston in 46:37…. This will be our official club record till someone beats it. Other club members to finish were Alexi, Erik, Lance, Kathy Diorio, Joe Diorio and Jim Haskett. A few others did most of it but cut short the 12 laps: Krysti Ruble, Clare Durand, Alan Brown and newcomer Nicole Piccoli.

Since it is Christmas break at the school (I call it Christmas break, even thought the schools insist on calling it Winter Break) the AYSO soccer people are not there. So, the lights are out. Expecting this, I asked Oscar to bring a generator and a light. It worked well for reading the board, but it was too dark for pictures… Too bad, we will have to repeat this one during daylight and take some video….

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