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End of 2014

In some ways, I am glad to see this one over. It has been frustrating dealing with chronic issues. I hope…. scratch that… plan to make 2015 a much better year. God willing…

Clay commented on Strava that even with all my down time I have more miles running than he does this year. That may be, but I have finished my 3rd lowest total in the 14 years for which I have data – 870.

annualruntotalsLooking at those totals, I must not have been paying attention in 2001. I surely would have gone out and ran one more mile…

Looking at my cycling miles I am surprised to find one of my highest totals – 831


If you add the Elliptigo miles – 421 I would have 1252, narrowly missing my top total. But of course, the GO is not the same as a road bike so I will have to chart its miles separately..


My scale quit working….. I am afraid to know… All this time not running, not cycling, but still eating… my pants have been getting tight and even my wife pointed out that I was gaining… First new year resolution will be to reverse this trend.. FOREVER….

On a positive note, my upper body is probably stronger than EVER…. I recently set a PR or two on the ski erg and the rowing machine at the Clayve. I can almost do a pullup with a jump to the bar… I have high hopes for what I can do when I combine better all around strength, better flexibility, and a lighter frame to my ability to build and use endurance…..

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