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HDR New Years Day Hangover Run

I participated in the Hangover run this morning. My plan was to start slow and easy and just see how it went. I arrived just as every one was posing for a group picture. They all ran off as I was getting out of the car. Scott Zeirman also arrived when I did. We started off walking. After a few minutes we took off at a slow jog. We continued just running very easy all the way to the tunnel. My heel hurt a little at first but seemed to warm up. I am not sure that it ever completely went away. My right hip also seemed pretty tight. At the tunnel I said goodbye to Scott and turned back on my own. On the way back the heel seemed worse. When I got to the uphill I shut it down and walked the rest of the way back….

Looks like it is still too early to run.

I have to get on the bike and the elliptigo and start just burning calories and rebuild / maintain some of my cardio endurance…

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