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First Clayve of 2014

My heel has been sore since my January 1st run, but I decided to give the Clayve a try. Clay and I teamed up to do some exercises while everyone else competed solo. It was fun. I will be sore tomorrow…. Although I found that I could do some of the exercises fairly well

The HDR workout for the day was one I call the dice game. The runners ran 8 x 2 minutes. After each rep they came to me and I rolled a pair of dice. One dice selected an exercise and the other one prescribed the number of reps. The toughest combination came up several times: 20 reps up the steps….

In other news I visited my eye surgeon today. In the spring I had laser surgery on my left eye to correct my vision. They only did the left eye as my right eye was already 20/25…. good enough. The full effect of the surgery took months to work out. As my left eye was getting better, my right eye was getting worse. Turns out I have developed a cataract.  The surgeon is surprised at how quickly it has gotten so bad. He asked if I have had any accidents with this eye in the last few years. It took me a few minutes and then I remembered the cycling accident. In July 2011 I ran into a tree branch. My glasses saved damage to my eye, so I thought. I ended up with stitches in my eye lid…  and, as it turns out… cataract surgery… when we are done fixing my right eye he will go back and touch up the laser surgery he did on the left.

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