Walking hurts – but the GO might be okay

Lately, my foot is pretty sore by the end of the school day just from walking. IF, I go REAL slow and take small steps it does okay, but if I get in a hurry or try to do too much it gets bad. Tuesday it was feeling okay so I thought I would try to get some “steps” in while the HDR peeps ran… Wednesday I tried the same with my Hillview kids while they did sweet 16.  Yesterday and today, I am limping…

I promised the team we would leave campus today, so I brought the Elliptigo and went with them on a leapfrog run. It was not 100% painless but it felt better than walking. I have to be careful not to push harder on an incline and I have to push off with my left foot. I made the mistake of pushing off with my right and got  a pretty good jab.

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