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Cycling, Clayving, Elliptigoing

After Friday’s GO ride, the foot was pretty achy… Of course it was pretty achy before the ride so I do not know if the ride itself affected it. Saturday Clay invited me to go for ride with him. It was a very windy day with strong winds coming from the east. Clay wanted to go for a Strava King of the Mountain on a segment or two. We rode east from his place. Clay gave me a head start up avenue J from 70th to 90th. I felt like I was flying, big gear… uphill…. 20 plus mph…. within a few moments I felt a whoosh of extra wind as the wake of Clay racing by hit me. Clay literally disappeared into the distance.  I set a new PR on the segment. Clay captured the King of the Mountain. His time was 4:20 and mine was 6:03.

We continued west to Munz Ranch Road. I have only gone up Munz Ranch Road a few times and each previous time I was fighting a big headwind. This time the wind was a pretty good help. Of course there was still all that climbing to do. Once again Clay disappeared and then he came back for me.  I am out of shape, up 15 pounds, but with the right wind, PRs were out there to be had!

We turned west and headed up Elizabeth Lake Road. Clay mentioned another segment and raced away. He took another King of Mountain from the corner to some store… I was enjoying the relative flatness and finished about 35 seconds later. We just kept going west from there up pine canyon. Up and up and up. We were getting to the latter part of the second hour of our “one hour” ride. I was beat. Clay finally stopped after we crested some really huge hill. I set nothing but PRs… lots of fun.

The good news is that riding was absolutely painless… well as far as the plantar fasciitis goes. After the ride Clay worked the foot a bit. I iced and stretched several times that night. Sunday it felt pretty good.

Sunday night I did the Clayve. I did it carefully as one wrong step or extra strain could set it off. I felt a twinge or two here or there. After an hour I was experiencing some general achiness. Monday I began this years set of visit’s to Clay’s office. We’ll see if some official Physical Therapy helps. Tuesday night I did the Clayve again.

Today, I took the GO to Hillview and went for a spin with the team. They needed some hill sprints. We did about a dozen 30 second sprints. Quite fun. The kid’s would sprint away and I would start slowly and try to catch them. On my best reps I could catch all but the top one or two. My foot has been, in general a bit achy, so it is hard to say if the GO affects it.  Tonight, trigger point… stretching… ice…. boot.

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