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Treatment time

It has been awhile since I have been able to get in a workout. Walking hurts, Running is out of the question. The elliptigo is probably okay, but if the pressure of walking hurts I am not sure about using the elliptigo. I have a couple of times, though. Cycling is great, but I have a hard time fitting rides into my schedule. It seems I am always getting treatment.

I see Clay twice a week at Valley Physical Therapy. I see my chiropractor most weeks. He is working on trigger points and on loosening my tight upper back. I see his massage therapist for deep tissue massage as well. On top of all of that I have also been making trips to Beverly Hills to see my eye surgeon…

Here’s the story: a few years ago –  I noticed while driving that things were kind of blurry. I was wearing some transitions glasses at the time. I took off the glasses and suddenly I could see better! My local eye doctor said my prescription must have changed. I spent a few years enjoying the lack of glasses. My right eye saw close to 20/20.

The left eye, not so well. In 2014 I fell several times on trail runs. I theorized that my use of only one good eye could be a factor. I began to think perhaps I should get the left eye fixed with Lasik. Last spring I did so – though it was not Lasik, it was a similar procedure PRK. PRK is not instantaneous. It took months of follow ups and each time the eye was seeing better and better. By the end of summer, though it had quit getting better. In the mean time my good right eye had become progressively worse.

I went back to Beverly Hills to see the surgeon about perhaps touching up the left eye that had not made it to 20/20. On his examination, though he noted that I had a rapidly progressing cataract in the other eye. The good eye had gone from a little bad, to good, to very bad over just a couple of years because of the cataract. He recommended I have it removed and referred me to his partner. He did ask if there was ever a trauma to this eye. At first I said no, but then I recalled that one day I ran my bike into a tree branch and had to get stitches in my eye lid…. (click here for the story)

Thursday, a week ago, they removed the cataract. The surgery went well. It took a very long time and the doc kept commenting on how sticky it was.  But, now the cataract has been replaced by a new lense. Typically the new lens enables you to see very well, but there was no guarantee on mine due to radial keratonomy back in the 80s.. As of now I am seeing about 20/40. Good enough to get around and do things, but not as well as I’d like.

I go back in late March and we will see what happens next.

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