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Starting a new quest amid sad times….

I have dual century quest…. not a double century quest, but a dual century quest. In 2015 I intend to ride a century ride by bicycle and a century ride by Elliptigo… Neither of these seem to bother my foot much so that is what I will do.I have set the cycling century to fall at the end of May, right before my summer vacation cruise, thus necessitating lots of work, and lots of calorie burning and lots of weight loss before summer. The plan is to do the Ojai Valley Century on May 30. The scariest part of this one, other than the fact that it is 100 miles is that there is a pretty good hill starting at mile 80.

I am looking at the Elliptigo century ride to be late summer or fall. I am not sure yet which ride I will enter.

I intend to train 6 days a week as much as possible – 3 on road bike and 3 on the Elliptigo. I mapped out a very simple training plan starting at 25 on the bike and 10 on the GO…

I have met or exceeded these for the first week already.

My rides have been in Hemet as I am helping my wife with a difficult family situation. Her mom came down ill pretty suddenly. Friday a week ago she was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night after her daughter Nancy called 911. Nancy called us around 4:30 that morning to tell us that mom had been taken to the hospital. We headed to Hemet as soon as we could because Nancy is mentally disabled and had never been left alone in her life – (age 54.) Mon, Carla, it turns out has a very large tumor that is causing the kidney to fail and a host of other problems. Dialysis did not work, and she is too week to operate. By Thursday we had placed her on hospice. Meanwhile we had to search for a home capable of helping Nancy. We placed her in such a place, also on Thursday.

During this first visit I squeezed in a couple of rides on my bike. I did a 27 miler on the highway near here last Saturday. On Monday I managed 10 miles doing a 2 mile loop in the neighborhood. My inlaws lived in a very nice senior neighborhood with a big golf course. I set up a 2 mile strava segment of the loop. I don’t imagine too many strava cyclists will challenge it.

Friday I got in one day of work before immediately heading back to Hemet. Carla had been moved into hospice after we had left Thursday and we were anxious to see how she was adapting. She has adapted fairly well. She is much more alert and positive than she was in the hospital. She understands that she is dieing, but has come to terms with it and does not seem to be in much pain.

Saturday I rode the Elliptigo out on the highway for a 20 miler. This was the 2nd longest Elliptigo ride for me ever. Back in September I did a 27 miler. I was pretty exhausted by the end of my ride, but not quite as bad as I remember being at the end of the 27 miler. The ride took my an hour and 20 minutes. I was moving pretty quickly. I actually set a PR on one of the segments out there on the highway – as compared to my road bike times!

Today I rode 6 more on the local 2 mile loop.. I was feeling the effect of yesterday’s ride…

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