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Double Goode/70th Hill climber workout

I met Clay this morning to go for a ride. Riding with Clay lately is an on again off again production. We start together. He takes off. At some point he comes back for me and we ride a little together again.  We rode together from his house over to L and 70th. We rode south, up 70th to the top of the hill where it turns into Ave N. We rode down N to 60th. We headed up Goode pass and Clay disappeared.I rode up and over the pass setting a new PR – 17:25. I spotted Clay headed back up the south side of Goode while on my way down. I turned and set a PR going back up the south side 8:32. I headed back down Goode then up Ave N and down 70th. I did not see Clay again until I spotted him on 70th riding back toward me around L-8. Once we got down to L we made a U turn and did the whole thing again…. faster.

When we got to Goode I spotted a couple riders a minute or two ahead. I strove to catch them. I pushed the pace by throwing in some bursts of standing on the pedals. There was one guy I seemed to be gaining on. About half way up some other guy went flying by… I did not catch anyone but I made it up Goode in and even faster PR time of 17:05. On the return trip up the south side I did catch the guy.

There were a few other riders out there. So I went to strava This was the first time I had looked at it. I was able to play back my ride along with the ride of anyone who passed nearby that also used Strava. That guy that flew by set a best of 2015 KOM for Goode, a very popular segment.  It is really cool to see the relative speed and location of the riders. Using it I saw that Clay was so far ahead of me that  by the time I got up the south side of Goode, he was cresting 70th/N on both attempts…. wow. He was probably about 3 miles ahead of me!,jARbEBJaWxBCW1sQaF9bEM+cWxDXtlsQqvdbEAZ0XRA= 

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  1. I believe it is Godde with 2 d’s not 2 o’s. Awesome riding with you. I liked seeing where I was in relation to you on Strava Labs. Keep riding!

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