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5 days of workouts:

Monday:I rode the GO to Valley Physical Therapy. Clay worked me out pretty good and then I took a longer route home… 8 miles + 14 miles.

Tuesday morning I was in Hemet. I took my Elliptigo along with me and I just went crazy circling all around the 55 plus golfing neighborhood where my mother in law lived. I went 28 miles without ever going more than a mile or so from the house.

Thursday found me back home: My goal was 20  miles. I simply headed west on Elizebeth Lake Road for 10 miles and turned back. There was quite a west wind blowing so in addition to the incline I fought the wind heading out. It took 58 minutes heading west and 26 to get back.

Today I had some time so I loaded the Fuji road bike and went down to Santa Clarita. I parked by Runners Lane and headed out on the Paseos. I started with the bike path on Golden Valley Road. I went up the hill to the top near the 14 freeway and turned and went back down. I then went up up the path on the west side of the north channel. then the south side. Next it was the path heading up the south channel. The wind seemed to be coming from the north east so I fought it going up both sides of the north channel. It helped a bit on the south channel. My final prong was the soledad canyon path. By this time the wind was pretty strong and the path to the freeway was straight into it. I caught another rider and we helped each other the rest of the way. 50 miles! 15 mph average.

Whilst training for the Ojai Valley Century I accepted the Strava specialized Spring Classics Challenge. I have 40 days starting today to ride 1225 kilometers – the total kilometers of the professional spring races. It works out to an average of 20 a day. After today’s opener, I am 30 miles ahead!

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