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Road and GO riding

This week I was back in school. In my last update I had just finished a 50 miler of Friday the 3rd.

Saturday I got up and squeezed in a 14 miler before an early praise band practice at church. The pracitice was followed by a day trip to Hemet to check on mom in law. She did not look well…. very weak.

Sunday I got on the GO and did a 15 miler looping by Hillview on my way to Church for Easter services. After church I rode west back by Hilliview and down into Lancaster to spend the afternoon at my mom and dads. The ride from church in East Palmdale west all the way to 50th was tough….. there was quite the headwind.

Monday mom in law passed away. We ended up driving to Hemet to get some things….

Tuesday and Wednesday did not work for squeezing in a ride… Tuesday was extremely windy with occasional bouts of rain.

Thursday I took the GO with me to Hillview. I rode it with the track team and continued after practice was over. My goal was 30 miles. I did 7.6 going back and forth as the kids ran. When we arrived back at the school I just started circling the parking lot. It was my turn to stay until the last kid was picked up. Early in the season there are always a few parents who take advantage and are late to arrive. I continued circling until the last ones left. My Garmin said 14.2 miles. I did 5.6 miles circling the parking lot…. Once I was free to continue I did loops of Bolz Ranch Road, Towncenter, Rancho Vista Blvd and either N or N8 to complete my 30 miles.

Friday was a day of rest.

Today, Saturday I headed out on the road bike. I had considered doing a ride down to Santa Clarita with a Metrolink return, but by the time I was ready I was concerned about having enough time to finish the ride before the train. So I just headed out. Clay had told me he would ride out about the same time and head to the Godde pass area. So I wend by Hillview, down to M8, and then started up Godde. About half a mile south of N Clay and Christian rode by on their way down. I happily made a u-turn and began to follow. We headed back to the Quartz Hill High area and joined in with the Block Bikes group.

The group headed back up and over Godde. Having such a diversely talented group of riders was a help. I am not in the same class with Clay but there were a few other random people that I got ahead of between L and M. From M to the top I tried and tried to catch a couple more. I did not quite get them but I did manage to set a new PR! My previous best was 17:07, today I managed 16:34 despite less than ideal wind conditions!  I set 6 strava segment PRs on that climb!

We went down the south side of Godde and down Elizebeth Lake road back to Highland. Clay, Christian and I then headed northwest. Christian and I enjoyed the privilege of drafting Clay as we fought a headwind most of the way back to Clays. We then headed into Lancaster and dropped Christian off at his apartment near the college. I was thinking I’d cirlce clockwise to Sierra Hwy, but Clay talked me into going back over Godde. So we went back to Godde and up and over. I headed east back to my house with a little zigging and zagging in my neighborhood to round off 60 miles!

This afternoon I drove down to Woodland Hills to upgrade the GO… Performance Bike has a 1 year warranty on their bikes. I have been eyeing the 11R model which is lighter, due to Carbon Fiber stride arms. It also has a foldable handle bar for ease of putting the Go in a car. The biggest advantage though is an 11 speed hub, rather than the 8. This gives more high end speed capability. I bought the bike April 26 and this weekend was a double points weekend. So, I made a deal. I returned my Go for a credit toward the better one. I spent an extra 1000 but received 700 worth of points. These points added to the ones I already have give me about 1000!  I’ll be watching for a deal on a free or almost free mountain bike.

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