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Is this still a running blog?

I was noticing my blog title: Dale’s Running Journal…. All I have had to write about is riding… oh well, you do what you can. I have every intention, of being a runner again. I may lean heavily on cross training, but I plan to be a runner. I may even try a mile or two sometime soon….

Currently symptoms are somewhat sporadic. This morning my foot did not hurt upon getting out of bed. I have not felt it much while walking. Yesterday I braved a walk in the mall with Cheryl and I only felt a little bit of irritation. I have been wearing a cheap pair of Everlast brand shoes I got for free from Sears, with my custom orthotics in them, with the flimsy insert that the shoes came with overlaying the orthotics. The little insert gives my foot a little relief from the hard surface of the orthotic. The other day I ran across the infield of the track to say something to one of my runners and noticed that my foot did not hurt when I did so.

On the other hand, sometimes it still hurts, upon a variety of occasions. If I strain on the Elliptigo, or am feeling really fatigued I have felt some aching in EITHER foot. I have to remember to use the gears and keep the cadence up.Every now and then I feel it when driving or walking. I almost never feel the heel pain while biking. I felt only the mildest twinge once or twice doing the Clayve yesterday.

Speaking of the Clayve, I returned to it yesterday. There were familiar faces: Clay, Kendall, Aubrey, Neil and a few I had not seen before. The workout seemed to have LOTS of squats and lunges and step up type stuff. So, it is no wonder that I am already hurting in the glutes and hamstrings. I blame the Clayve for the majority of my aching, though I felt wiped out when I started. I was already quite fatigued from the 60 miler with hill climbs Saturday. Oh, I had also thrown in a ride on the new GO earlier Sunday afternoon – 13 miles.

This morning we started our track season’s Monday morning practice for distance runners. I rode the GO to Hillview arriving there before 6 am. Then I rode back and forth with the team as they did an easy 4 miler. By the time it was time to ride home after school the aforementioned soreness had set in as had quite a south wind. My 5.5 mile ride home was slow and lethargic. There was one quarter mile stretch as I turned onto Elizabeth Lake Road where the wind actually seemed to help…. that was it…

I guess tomorrow will be a recovery day.

Oh, I have big plans for Saturday. My wife will be going through things in the house at Hemet. While she does I will have the morning free. A little farther down the road in San Diego a bunch of Elliptigo owners are going to meet for a group ride around Point Loma. I have only seen one GO, other than mine in the wild (on the 50 miler in Santa Clarita one went by) so this should be fun.

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