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70 Mile Bike Ride

I have not been very good at keeping up daily training rides… It does not work so well to ride, and coach track at the same time. It does not work out that I can ride to and from Hillview when I have places I have to go after school..

But, I HAVE registered for a century ride so I HAVE to get in some long rides! So this morning, as my wife sorted through more stuff from her mother’s house (Estate sale coming soon) I took off for a bike ride.

I started out on the Domengoni Expressway where I have seen the locals riding quite a bit. I headed west over the one climb on the roadway. On the other side, I arrived at a corner and noted that my nice wide shoulder would be gone. The street I was about to cross was named Menifee, the name of one of the local cities. I figured if the street was named after the city it must be a through road. I turned right, North. I went through a nice neighborhood and found myself on a two lane country road. There was a bit of a shoulder and very little traffic, so I just kept going and enjoyed the ride. It ended at a road called Nuevo so I made a left, knowing I was heading westward. I figured I would just go north and west till I had at least 30 and then turn back. Nuevo took me into the city of Perris where I turned on Perris Blvd. I went north. At first it was industrial and then it turned commercial. I was about to turn back when I saw that the road was heading toward a hill. I figured I would go to the top and then turn back.

I turned back at 34.75 miles. Coming back I seemed to catch a LOT of red lights working through the city until I got back to the industrial area. Then it was back to the nice little country road. As I climbed the little hill on Domengoni with 60 miles complete my left hip adductor cramped up…. Yes, the hip adductor. Weird. I had to stop, unclip and straddle the bike at the top of the hill for about a minute. At mile 67, all of me was feeling DONE.  But I had 3 to go so I continued on. At mile 69.9 with the house a tenth of a mile up the road my other adductor cramped up… I was really glad to be done.

I carried two bottles of water with me, but it got pretty warm in the Hemet area today. I ran out of water at about 3 miles but rode for a little longer than 4. Perhaps the cramps were due to lack of fluids.  I did have sports beans twice so I had some fuel along the way.

All in all, though I averaged 17 mph for the 70 mile ride! it was the second longest ride I have ever done and the average pace ranks in the top 10. even compared with all my shorter rides!  Strava recorded a number of PRs! It even recorded me at #4 all time on a segment on that little country road… probably not much competition…

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