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Running Experiment…

First, I see I am way out of the habit of posting…. so you are probably out of the habit of reading…. so there is probably no one reading this…. well, maybe a few…

I did ride the Elliptigo last week. The weather here has been crazy. Well, crazy for May. I am still wearing a jacket most days and it is ALWAYS windy. It takes the fun out of riding. Or I should say it takes the motivation out of wanting to go for a ride. But last weekend I did load the GO in the van and took it to Santa Carita hoping it would be less windy. It may have been LESS windy… but it was windy.  So much so that I set a couple of segment PRs on a couple of downwind sections. That is I rode the GO faster than the road bike on a couple of sections. My ride was 33 miles, my longest yet.

Tuesday I tried a running experiment. I figured that the pounding on the foot was a main factor in aggravating my sore heal. I saw a pair of Newtons S running shoes that I had tried only once and I had a thought. These shoes are supposed to teach you to forefoot strike and a forefoot strike would be less stressful on the heel. The shoes are said to take some time to adapt to, but now is the perfect time for said adaptation. I can introduce them as slowly as I want.  So Tuesday I ran a couple of miles in them. My heel felt okay and my calves got REALLY sore. Not an injured sore, just a overexercised sore. I will have to proceed with the experiment cautiously.

I have been hampered since Tuesday with an aggravated neck and shoulder. Something I did at the Clayve Tuesday night after the run really got me. I figured it was either traversing the pull up bar or that I was trying REALLY hard to hold my self up higher doing AB crunches…

I have been too sore to run or ride since Tuesday…. still need a little help to get my shirt off as my right arm does not want to go over my head. I am hoping it will be better by Monday so I can get in a final long ride before the Century ride next weekend….

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