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Traveling the Baltic

I’ll post a brief bit here while I have a few minutes of time and Wi-Fi access on my phone…
I’m in the middle of an epic vacation. We left Sunday the 7th and flew to London. We arrived Monday late afternoon and had a long walk with , luggage to find our hotel. Tuesday we walked’.. lots. All day…. We also climbed hundreds of stairs to the to of St. Paul cathedral in London. By the end of the day my foot felt tired…
Wednesday we walked some more. We did a walking tour to see various changing of the guard sights. We went to Greenwich and stood on both hemispheres. My foot was achy at the start of the day. It got better and was once again tired at the end.
Wednesday we took a train to get on our ship… it was a day of recovery for my achy foot…. the ache. Btw, is not in the heel. It is less site specific and send to be on the top of the foot..
Thursday. was a day at sea. I ran 12 laps on the ship for 2 miles…
Friday we walked all over Copenhagen. And again we found the highest church tower around and climbed it!
Saturday was another sea day and I have my foot the day off. I decided to
start a 100 push up challenge and back date it to June 1. So I did days 1 – 4…

Oops, times up… more later

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