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Back at it…..

I guess, if anyone still reads this, that I left everyone hanging, never finishing my epic vacation write up… I figure now, that that would be old news….

The news of late is that I am running….

In June, on the cruise I ran some on the ship. This seemed to go well and I worked myself up to 5 miles –  well that was 5 miles based on counting laps. I suspected the laps were a bit short as sometimes my times were pretty good.

Upon returning from the ship I began to run with my Hillview students at the summer XC practices. I believe it was on my 2nd run, when my left Achilles had a major tightening. I remember I wore the Newton shoes which was certainly a bad idea (in retrospect.)  I only ran 1 lap of 1.5 miles and my left Achilles got quite sore. It has remained sore for weeks. I have been able to get a few runs in, but only for a few miles and I have had to take a few days off in between. I noticed that pavement was particularly aggravating.

I only ran twice in the HDR race series. I ran the mile the first week after the cruise and the 3 mile the week thereafter. I remember stretching out a Jamba run one Friday and needing several days to recover. I made the mistake of doing my Sweet 16 workout with the kids in the Marie Kerr parking lot and this one also set me back….

As school began I got out the Elliptigo and began to get into a regular habit of riding it to and from school.

At the finals I was sitting and visiting and trying to pass out AV Fair wave race flyers Clay asked how I was and I complained about the Achilles. He said I should get out there and perhaps try some Hoka One One shoes…. I had been considering this already, but had not pulled the trigger. That Saturday I showed up for the HDR trail run and headed up the trail northwest of Bouquet Canyon Road. I had not bought the shoes yet so I wore the next best thing – my cushy Nike Pegasus shoes. The achilles ached for a half mile or so and then it let up. I made it 3 miles and was still feeling good. I decided not to push my luck. I stopped, took a selfie and headed back down the trail.

20150808_074631The following couple of days I was pretty sore, in the quads, but the Achilles recovered fine. That was Saturday a week ago. Monday I rode the GO. Tuesday I was sidelined by a doctor appointment and a mole removal. Wednesday I ran with the kids, once again in the Pegasus. Later that evening I purchased the Hoka One One shoes at Runners Lane in Palmdale. Thursday I wore them and survived an interval workout with the team in the heat of the afternoon. 30s, 1 min, 1:30, 2, 2:30, and 3.   Friday I chased the kids on our Mt Rite Aid run. I was feeling rather dead legged but otherwise okay.

Today, in spite of the dead legged run yesterday, I took my One Ones up to Tehachappi. I knew that a lot of HDRs would be there and I told no one I was going. I got there and the only one I saw was Clare. I sat on the curb and waited. Clare and I chatted a bit. Then came Erik Ruble, Krysti Ruble, Joe Kim and Oscar Gutierrez finishing their warm up. Oscar did a double take when I saw me and smiled. It was fun to feel like I was back.

I started the race not expecting much. Seriously, I figured if I could do the 5 miles in 50 minutes that would be an accomplishment. I did not warm up – figuring I would just start slow. Sure enough I eased into the race. My achilles ached a bit, but not too bad for maybe half a mile. The first mile took 9:06. We were working our way steadily uphill though the 2nd mile – 9:04. Shortly into the 3rd mile we peaked and I was able to pick up the pace. I was actually catching people – 8:05. Mile we bottomed out and leveled off. I was still catching people – 8:07. The last mile was a drudgery. I felt done, but kept up my usual tenacious effort. I caught a few more as we ran down the parade route – a slight uphill – Erik Ruble met me a few hundred meters out and ran and encouraged me in – 7:57. My official time was 42:15, and 8:37 pace. I was 31st finisher and 4th in my division (made tougher by the recent additions of Erik and Joe)

The HDR crowd won lots of awards:

place A/G Gender
Justin Patananan M 35 27:48.0 1 1 1
Erik Ruble M 50 34:38.0 6 1 6
Joe Kim M 50 35:15.0 8 2 8
Grant Barnett M 39 36:05.0 9 4 9
Oscar Gutierrez M 40 38:54.0 17 4 16
Krysti Ruble F 45 39:11.0 19 1 3
Dora Gutierrez F 45 40:41.0 23 2 5
Elisa Espitia F 33 41:25.0 28 3 7
Dale Lister M 53 42:19.0 31 4 23
Barbara Bravo F 37 46:38.0 60 7 20
Leticia Espitia F 36 48:46.0 66 9 25
Alan Brown M 74 49:15.0 67 4 42
Rosa Quevedo F 38 55:42.0 94 15 43
Clare Durand F 52 56:37.0 99 6 47
John Swallow M 74 59:41.0 105 6 54
Monica Friere-Pandya F 41 1:01:38 112 8 55
Jim Pandya M 43 1:01:40 113 11 58
Betsy Swallow F 65 1:20:39 131 5 67


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