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8 out of 11

One of my new and improved habits of late is riding a bicycle or Elliptigo to work each day. So far I have made 8 trips, all on the Elliptigo out of 11 School/Work days. This is a REALLY good habit for me.


When I stopped running back in October/November I started gaining weight. It was not just from the lack of calorie burn, but I sort of made myself feel better by eating more… I know…. stupid…. At the time I just figured it would only be for a few weeks and overeating for a few weeks would not cause that much damage…. After the cruise, on the 4th of July I finally got the nerve up to step on the scale – 195 pounds. Quite a few of my pants were no longer fitting. I was not able to take my best suit on the cruise… some of my medium size shirts were not fitting.

I worked the rest of the summer to begin to reverse the trend. but still with minimal running and cycling weight loss was difficult. When school began a couple of weeks ago I vowed to ride 50 of the school days for the school year. This would turn up the calorie burn while AT THE SAME time turning down the calorie intake. You see, one of my worst habits is stopping for a donut or a fast food breakfast on the way to work in the morning. If I am on the GO, I can’t do that!

This morning I weighed in at 188.4 – down 7 pounds since the 4th. Not too impressive but it seems to be picking up now that I am at school.

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