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bout time for an update…..

The last few weeks I have been running with my students. No more. No Less… Some days I have run in the morning for the morning practice and I have run in the afternoon for the afternoon class. My feet/ left achilles can still get achy after a few days in a row, so I have taken it kind of easy on the weekends.

  • My weight is eeking downward… 185.6 this morning.
  • My 100 day push up challenge died around 78 or 79. My shoulder/ upper arm got quite sore and needed a rest. I need to start anew.
  • I have fallen a bit behind in my goal to ride to school at least every other day…. I traded in the old Kia MiniVan for a 2016 Chevy Colorado. The Van was getting questionable and I purchased a new trailer over the summer, so I wanted a more dependable tow vehicle. Anyway, I bought the truck on Sunday the 31st with plans to go camping today… The owners manual said the truck needed 500 miles BEFORE towing so I needed to drive EVERYWHERE.. nice excuse anyway… yesterday the trip got cancelled.. Next week I’ll get back to cycle commuting.
  • I have no particular goals right now… I need one….

This morning the students did their 2 x 4 trial which starts with a nice 2 mile Strava segment. I did not warm up, but I eased into a hard effort. My time for the two was 15:11. Quite a bit slower than my PR of 13:21 run in January 2014, but good enough for #10 out of 66 efforts. Also almost 2 minutes faster than my next fastest this year!

I think I’d like to try a trail run this weekend… 8 miles or so…

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