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Trodding along

Sunday, Clay and I were out on the trails again, but this time on Mountain Bikes. A few months ago I used my team performance points and an undisclosed amount of cash to buy a mountain bike for my collection. My wife looks at the bikes in the garage, she calls it my collection…

Hanging in the garage is

  • a Schwinn beach cruiser – my wife’s
  • a Schwinn hybrid – a comfortable commuter bike that is not getting much use with all the other choices I have.
  • an Elliptigo 11R
  • A Fuji road bike – probably 6 or 7 years old now..
  • my new Fuji mountain bike (carbon – light weight…)
  • A KHS Tandemania tandem bike…  fun vacation bike for riding with my wife.

The ride with Clay was fun but it was only my 3rd ride on the trails. Clay took me on a couple where I did not quite make it. There were a couple of sections so steep that my wheel spun out from under me. There was also one section going down that was too steep and rutted for my skill set right now… but it was fun!

Later in the night I head over to Clays and did most of the Clayve workout. I cut the workout to 3 sets instead of 5 in an effort to stave off getting too sore.

Monday I ran the “Secret Weapon” run with the Hillview team. The fatigue from the weekend was setting in. My times were slower than in the previous couple of weeks.

Yesterday I did not run with my team. Instead I chose to run the HDR track workout. As the day went along I was noticeably sore. Getting out of the car at Joe Walker I was almost limping. I slowly made my way to the start line. I told Justin Koo I was really sore – (Justin was at the Clayve Sunday as well.) He said, “Me too! But I’ll get a little better after a couple of laps.” I thought to myself. Darn, Justin is not going to let me get away with sitting this one out… So I did the workout.

The workout was the same as last week. I only had time for a 1 lap warm up so when I started the main part I took it easy. The workout was 3 sets of 7 minutes. Within the 7 minutes we ran 200 fast, then 100 slow, over and over. The first 200 I was so sore and slow that Kathy, Jesse and Joe beat me.  Joe and Jesse slowed almost to a walk on the 100 recovery and I got past them. Kathy and I stayed together the rest of the set. Last week I finished 5 200s, this time it was 400 200s and a 100… On set two I got a tad quicker. By set 3 I was able to open up a bit and I finished the 5 200s.

Attempting a cool down, I found myself so slow, only a shuffle…. I decided to walk. Justin and Oscar walked with me. I figured it was not a good idea to go back to the Clayve for the Tuesday workout.

This morning I feel quite a bit better. I ran an easy 2 with the team and did some skips and drills. I’ll do the same this afternoon. Tomorrow we have a meet!

I figure I need to do step ups and Val-slides in between the Clayve workouts. I have been in a vicious cycle of late. I can’t make it Thursdays. I can usually make it Sundays and Tuesdays but I have not been consistent enough to get past getting really sore glutes and hamstrings every time I go. So then when I do go, I get so sore I don’t want to go back for a while. Then when I go back I get too sore again…. Like I said, step ups and Val – Slides… maybe another “100 challenge”

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  1. I tell the DC kids they are not allowed to do more than a set, now that the season is here we do lots of upper body and core work along with stretching, they do enough hill runs for the legs. So train on trails and leave the val slides behind. (for awhile)

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