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Two steps forward, one step back

I have been working up the miles a bit lately. On two consecutive Saturdays Clay and I ran the PCT 8 miler. My times on various Strava segments were getting better….

Last Tuesday I ran a speed workout with my Hillview team. I was pretty sore from the Sunday night Clayve, but it went okay. I went to the Tuesday night HDR workout and we started a sweet 16. During one of the sprints I felt a twinge at the top of my left adductor. On the subsequent drill it hurt way to much to proceed so I shut it down.  I skipped the Clayve I would have gone to next.  The next day I was able to run a couple of easy two milers – good sign. I rested Thursday while my team swept a practice XC meet. On Friday I did 4 and the adductor was troublesome on the uphills. So I took the weekend off.

Yesterday, still being cautious, I rode the Elliptigo rather than run with the team on our Secret Weapon Workout. It felt fine… I even set a PR on the N8 from 45th to 50th Strava segment – beating my best road bike times as well!

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