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Monthly report…

Not that intend to report only on a monthly basis…. but it has been almost a month… I need to get back into blogging. When I blog, I am motivated to have something worthwhile to blog about, which means I train more consistently, which means I am fitter…. and of course I run better…

So, personally, I have been running some over these last few weeks:
Week ending October 4 – 1.5 miles, October `11 – 7.6, October 18 – 18.4, October 25 – 20.4

I had cut way back due to some pain in the left hip adductor. Clay scolded me for jumping to speedwork too soon.. I have chosen a very basic simple (beginners) half marathon training plan to follow as a base building plan to work my mileage back up.  I am also doing Runner’s World’s Yoga for Runners beginners routine 2 or 3 times a week to work on range of motion. I get to the Clayve when I can which has not been too often lately. I have been riding my Elliptigo or road bike to work 1 or 2 times per week… I plan on making this 3 or 4. I did enter a race, just for the fun of it. It was only 53 runners. My goal was 8 minute miles. I averaged 7:40 or so and won the over 40 age group!

My weight has leveled off in the mid 180s… lower than the 190s of the summer but still a long ways to go to get back to racing weight.

Hillview has finished another outstanding Cross Country season. We won our 12th High Desert League championship in a row. We won 5 of the 6 divisions and got 2nd in the remaining. Our 8th grade boys were probably the strongest team ever. In league they had a perfect score. At Mt. SAC they finished 2, 3, 4, 5 and 16 dominating the 8th grade boys race and setting a new team time record. The 8th grade girls easily won the league and came very close to winning Mt SAC. They finished with 52 points while the first place team had 48. The 7th grade boys were the only team not to win league. Desert Christian had a strong group and beat them At Mt. SAC they managed a 4th place. The 7th grade girls were led by two very strong runners. Maggie Theologidy had the best average pace for any girl ever at Hillview. She won the league and placed 2nd at Mt. SAC. LiNya Perry was 2nd in league and 4th at Mt SAC. As a team they tied at Mt SAC for first and won the tie breaker based on the 6th runner! Our 6th grade boys won the league but were 9th at Mt Sac. Our 6th girls won the league and placed 3rd at Mt. Sac. They had 3 very strong runners but numbers 4 and 5 were back aways. Riley Briones easily won the league and sometimes beat the boys as well. Shelby Smith and Naia Smithley were not too far behind her.

Our season ended on a sad note. We raced Mt SAC on the 16th. On the 18th one of our boys died in his sleep. I do not have any official information as to how or why, but his loss had deeply affected the team. His name was Justin Rucker. He was not a scorer, but he was one of those very encouraging types. We honored him last night with a new award – the 8th runner award, to be given in future years to others who stand out by encouraging others.

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