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Slowly progressing…


Last summer, June 24, after 7 or 8 months completely off from running. I weighed 194.4 pounds. In August I really focused on counting calories and by early September I was about 10 pounds lighter at 185. In September and October I have been less focused, but have still been conscious of what I choose to eat. Yesterday I weighed in at 183.6 – Still heading the right direction …. slowly.

My week of training started slowly as well… Monday I rested. I should have ridden my bike, at least, but I rested. Tuesday I ran a hill repeat workout with the team. We ran up the street behind Rancho Vista and Hillview 11 x 1 minute. Wednesday I rode the Elliptigo to school (picture below), I ran an easy 4 mile loop with the team and rode the Go home again. Running off campus trail runs with the team turns into a pretty easy day as we have to stop and regroup 3 or 4 times within the run. Thursday I ran with the team on our 2 x 4 time trial loop. This one is a little better training as there is no need to stop. We added a few partner tortures afterwards.  Today there is a dance so I cancelled the team practice. I did ride my road bike to school. I will probably make the ride home a bit longer….


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October 2015


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