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Track run N Clayve

I passed on running with the Hillview team today. Instead I came ready to run at the HDR workout. The workout of the day was 7 x 3 minutes with only a 1 minute recovery. I asked the runners to do their best to make it back to the start line each time. I was aiming for a 8 minute pace which would have placed  me at the far side of the track. So at 500 meters I and those near me looped back. As the workout progressed I felt better and better, running faster and faster.  The 7th interval was actually close to a 7 minute pace!

Afterwards I headed to the Clayve. Clay is not well but Kendall was there to lead just she, Jim and I in a workout. I did the warm up and the Every Minute on the Minute workout..

20151103_193743The first set was easy. 1 minute to do the 15 reps in each set… The second set was the challenge. How many can you do in a minute. With only 30s between each set.  I was first in Plank Ups… Yeah!

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