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GO run GO

6:30 a.m: Rode the Ellliptigo to Hillview. It was 40 degrees and there was a 9 mph westerly wind. And my legs were already feeling a bit fatigued from yesterday. Thus it was not a particularly quick ride – just under 30 minutes.

2:00 p.m.: still cold, maybe 50 degrees. I headed out with the team and did our Leap Frog run. This was the first time for many of the runners. Some started a bit slower than the should have but eventually got into the challenge of it. It is basically a 1.25 warm up, a 1 mile tempo interval, a recovery break, and reverse the above. The leap frog name comes from the instructions that the last 3 of the team, when we face a short cul-de-sac have to leap frog the street in order to keep the team closer together.
After the leap frog run I rode the GO back home again. The wind was 13 mph from the Northwest, thus it was beneficial for the entire ride home! What a treat! Too bad I was already too exhausted to push it…

I did manage to set a couple of Strava Elliptigo PRs though..

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