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5 x 6 minutes!

Best workout this year…. well, at least it felt like it. My plan was to do 5 repeats of 6 minutes. I was worried that the HDR crew would not have enough time to finish on time so I got to the track 15 minutes early. I warmed up early, with Jesse, before 6 pm. At 6, when official warm up time begun, I started my first 6 minute rep. The plan was to shoot for 10K – half marathon pace…. In my current condition that would be 7:50 to 8:10. As for effort, I told myself that it was okay as long as I stayed in a 2:2 breath pattern. I know from experience that a 2:2 pattern is what I keep to for the first half of a half marathon. My first 3 laps went by in 5:46 = 7:40 pace. I paused and met the rest of the crew: Zach (young deputy – very strong and pretty fast), Luke Trenkle, Kent Trenkle, Rob Perez, and Claire. We did some leg swings, a few drills and started the (rest of) the workout. Each rep Zach as expected ran ahead, but not by much. He would hang with the Trenkles and I for a lap or so and then pull away. The Trenkles and did 2 reps right at 5:45 (for 1200 meters) My 4th rep was starting to feel a little easier and I pulled away from Kent (the dad, Luke is a Senior at QHHS and former Joe Walker/QHHS runner) The 1200 was 5:40. On the final one, on the final lap I accelerated finishing in 5:28 (7:26 pace) 🙂

Immediately after the track workout I headed over to the Clayve… I only did one round of the following plus a Hyper-Clayve as explained at the top of the picture…

I was going to go for a bike ride today but the church needed some help today emptying 3 storage containers, having them moved and then reloading… I figure I got in at least as much exercise… At one point a friend commented on how many chairs I could carry at a time. I said I’ve been to the Clayve

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