Leap Frog – up N running

Sometimes I decide my afternoon Hillview XC club workout based on who is there. The general pattern is Tuesday speed work, Thursday something on campus, and Wednesday and Friday runs leave campus. I don’t want the pattern to be too rigid as the runners tend to pick and choose when to come based on their guess of how hard the workout is going to be.  So, today we had a good turnout and I felt it was time to push them a bit… One of our hardest workouts we do is Leap Frog! It includes a stretch of 9 cul de sacs. The students run hard through them trying to not be last. Each time we get to a cul de sac the last 2 or 3 runners “have” to leap frog the street.  I was able to avoid being leap frogged today!  On the second rep of the cul de sacs, I was the 6th finisher. My two 8th grade boys present, my two best girls, and one up and coming 6th grader – Bryan…


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